Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oops, Did I Do That? Homebrewing Misadventure #235

So, apparently you're supposed to filter the hops out before you dump your wort into the fermenting bucket. Remember when I said there was a pile of hops gunked up at the bottom of the kettle as I poured it into the bucket? Well, there's a reason--I didn't filter them out.

However, thanks to my brewing buddies next door, there was a fix! Thankfully, Nosh let me use his beer-making equipment (again), and kegged it! I didn't have to go through the corn sugar/bottling, and he has a fridge big enough for three kegs, so it's all good. The bad part? It tasted...well, hoppy. Really hoppy. I mean like so hoppy it'll make your tongue swell.

So how to fix it? Well, I siphoned the hoppy homebrew out of one keg and into the other (called a secondary...since it's the second place it's going), with the help of Jeela (rhymes with Teela), Nosh's wife. After much configuration and guessing as to which tube goes on which valve on the keg, we got it! Now the red ale is carbonated and ready and rarin' to go, sans chunks of hops. It's not bad, either...well, what I've sipped so far. I have a growler stuffed in the fridge waiting for me to get back from my workout and drink up. Taste test to ensue tonight!

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