Monday, May 23, 2011

Alcohol, schmalcohol!

So, I used a packet of dry yeast on my latest red ale recipe attempt that didn't take. I waited about three days and grabbed another package of dry yeast from Nosh, which I made sure I started in warm water before pitching. It started up like a brand-new Harley, yet it didn't eat ANY of the sugars in my wort. What the heck? Why you messin' with me? So, what did I do? Well, since I didn't take a before hydrometer test, I didn't bother testing it. If I had, I'm sure I would have noticed that there was pretty much NO alcohol in my wort. Yah, I ended up not only drinking some of it, but also sharing it, and then I went a step further and even kegged it. HAHAHAHA! Yep, KEGGED non-alcoholic homebrew. Not exactly what a beer enthusiast had in mind.

At least it tasted pretty good.

Next homebrewing session in three weeks. Let's see what happens yet again! I'm going for a Belgian this time around and making sure Nosh is right there next to me.


  1. Hey, I'm sure there's a market for craft low brew (low alc)

  2. Ha! Dirkel, this was more than low-brew, that's for sure. I think a standard session brew would suffice for low-alcohol, no?