Monday, April 18, 2011

Rate Beer: Mothership Wit

What better way to celebrate a great interview (that’s J-O-B interview) than with a beer I haven’t tasted? Seeing as I live in the ghetto, which allows for only a choice between the corner liqua sto’ and Fresh and Easy, I went with Fresh and Easy. They have New Belgium’s Mothership Wit on-hand, so I went for it. Not being much of a wheat-beer lover, it was a hard choice to make.

The first thing I noticed was its cloudy, light-yellow color. It’s a good color for Easter time, I guess.

First sip: ooooweeee, that’s a lemony-fresh beer!
Second sip: Mmmm…hops
Third sip: Where’s the carbonation?
Oops, finished the glass.

I like it. And by that I mean I wouldn’t kick it out of bed. The coriander and lemon are a bit much, though. If I can taste Indian food after finishing a glass of beer, that’s not a good sign (for me, that is), but what do I know? The body is medium- to medium-light. Ow wow, my mouth feels dry now. It’s dry and full of coriander. Hmmm…not sure about this one, but that’s just based on personal preference. I’d drink it again.

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